Craft Beer & Food Festival at Kawartha Settlers’ Village

This long-awaited summer festival at Kawartha Settlers’ Village is finally here. On Saturday, August 17, starting at noon, the streets of this reconstructed collection of historic buildings will buzz with visitors. The attraction? Locally-brewed beers, ciders and food, enjoyed in the charming village atmosphere. Bobcaygeon Brewing, Lindsay’s Pie-Eyed Monk and Fenelon Falls Brewing are just some of the microbreweries who will be represented. Food offerings include Bobcaygeon’s Just for the Halibut, the Italian Hot Table, Kawartha Dairy as well as mobile wood-fired pizza, empanadas, and local artisanal cheeses. Live music by talented local artists like Live on the Line and Nicole Lisa Craig adds to the appeal. Highland Green is right next to Kawartha Settlers’ Village. 

2019-08-04T20:16:02+00:00August 16th, 2019|Highland Green|